Premium Trust Accounting transformed

Grappler, redefining premium trust accounting for the Insurance industry saving you time and money. Our SaaS provides end to end management of your premium trust accounting, specialising in the automatic reconciliation of direct and indirect payments and all your reporting requirements.

Delivering the insights to scale your business

Reporting includes; Insurer Settlements, Notices of Cancellation, Commission Statements and all your debtor management reporting.

Save Time & Money

Leveraging automation and machine learning we automate manual reconciliation processes resulting in a more efficient process with increased accuracy & faster reconciliation of payment and policy matching. Our SaaS pricing model offers certainty in costs.

Managed Software as a Service for Premium Trust accounting

An end to end cloud based solution that seamlessly integrates with policy systems.

Benefits our customers are realising

Improved reporting and analytics

Dashboards & reports providing insights & analysis of unallocated cash position & source of issue and so much more.

Reduce outstanding debt & unallocated cash

Reduce outstanding debt & unallocated cash - resulting in a improved capital position.

Ability to scale

Without the need to add more FTE's.

Reduce cost to serve

Eliminate the need for manual intervention of payment & policy reconciliation.

What do our clients say about us?

“One of the biggest benefits for ATL has been the automation of the reconciliation of the payment & policy process. Our previous legacy system did not do it well and there was always lots of manual intervention. Grappler provides a robust automated reconciliation process.”

David Burgess
Operations Manager, ATL Insurance Group

“The 3 main benefits we have realised since implementing Grappler are 1) Process efficiencies – we have been able to streamline and improve our credit control processes. Now the team just monitor the process in many cases and review exceptions. 2) Improved unallocated cash position. This has reduced substantially since we have been using Grappler. 3) Reduced headcount – we have doubled our ledger with acquisitions since implementing Grappler enabling us to scale without the need to add more FTE’s to support the process.”

Sahba Drummond
Credit Control Manager, Holland Commercial Insurance

24/7 customer support

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. Our team support the process as much as the product. All our customers have access to a Support Portal and our team is always on hand to provide you with personalised and outstanding service.

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