Grappler provides solutions for Premium Trust Accounting

The Insurance sector is fraught with ageing legacy systems, multiple policy systems and data sources. This results in an enormous manually administrative & costly overhead. These manual processes are error prone, inefficient and do not scale. Grappler was designed to address the end to end Premium Trust Accounting process. This includes the automation of the credit control and debtor management process, the reconciliation of payments and policy data, the generation of partner documentation and all the associated reporting & analytics. Leveraging technology such as machine learning we are able to automate the reconciliation of >95% of our customers’ data.

Deep Industry Experience coupled with best practice credit control processes

Our team at Grappler support the process as much as the product. Our credit control software solves a common problem which is the time intensive manual reconciliation of direct and indirect payments. Our managed service also provides a team of experienced credit controllers, all of whom have first hand knowledge of the insurance industry, delivering credit control best practices.

Delivering exceptional Customer Service and Continuous Innovation

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service and our product development team is focused on delivering continuous innovation to ensure we are always adding value.

Meet our Founders

Our team of globally experienced financial professionals are passionate about innovating mundane back office tasks.

Alistair Harold
Co-Founder & CEO
John Nowak
Co-Founder & CTO
Colleen MacCarthy
Co-Founder & COO

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