We take care of the mundane and let you get on with growing your business

We offer clients the ability to simplify the management of unallocated cash & outstanding debtors supporting both direct & indirect payments.

Data and Analytics that provide visibility and insights to debtor management data

Insights that lead to better actions, improved processes, better decisions & ultimately improving the capital position of our customers.

Empowering the business so you spend less time on the back office and more time on the front office

Our managed service means we support the process as much as the product enabling your team to focus on more value add activities.

Partner Documents, Insurer Settlement, Commission Reporting

In addition to the reconciliation process, we also generate your partner documentation for example; Statements, Commission Statements, Notices of Cancellation and Cancellation Letters.

Product Features

Fully Automated Remittance Processing

Grappler specialises in the automated processing of Broker remittances in
the format they are received.

Bank Reconciliation

For direct bank payments, Grappler reconciles directly to the outstanding invoice and for indirect Broker payments, the remittance file is first matched to the payment then reconciled directly to the outstanding invoices.

Policy Reconciliation

Multi stage automated reconciliation of annual and monthly instalment payments.

Reconciliation Across Multiple Debtors Ledgers

Payments are reconciled across invoices from multiple debtor ledgers or policy systems.

Credit Control

On a scheduled basis, Grappler performs continuous automatic matching of unallocated cash and automatically generates Notice of Cancellation letters for outstanding invoices, pushing them through multiple stages of follow up until either reconciled or cancelled.

Insurer Bordereaux/Cash Settlements

Automated generation of insurer bordereaux’s. Avoiding timely and complex manual calculations of the settlement reports.

Commission Statements and Payments

Automatic generation of Broker commission statement and payments

Partner Statements & RCTIs

Scheduled generation of Broker statements, outstanding debtors,
commission statements and recipient tax invoices.

Automated Month End Reporting

Including Trial Balance & Balance Sheet reports for posting to GL

Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting

Dashboards & analytics spanning across all ledgers to show unallocated cash and debtors position along with customer metrics. Position and performance reporting across reconciliation and credit control functions.

Benefits our customers are realising

Reduce outstanding debt & unallocated cash

Reduce outstanding debt & unallocated cash - resulting in a improved capital position.

Improved reporting and analytics

Dashboards & reports providing insights & analysis of unallocated cash position & source of issue...and so much more.

Ability to scale

without the need to add more FTE's.

Reduce cost to serve

Eliminate the need for manual intervention of payment & policy reconciliation.

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